The artwork featured on this website is a painting by Moshe Kassirer entitled 'Lover's Full Moon'. It appears with his kind permission.

"Moshe Kassirer is an artist intent on capturing nuances of the Galilean way of life, focused on its olive groves, or to be more precise, olive tableaus. Kassirer's images undergo a complex process, involving photography and digital dismantling and reassembly, before finally appearing on canvas (in oil). Kassirer's awareness of his roots, and of his debt to early Israeli artists, is evident throughout his work, and his "Rosh Hashanah 2007" is actually an homage to Reuven Rubin's 1970's painting "Pomegranates on my Window" (on display at the Rubin Museum), while creating a dialogue with Van Gogh's 1889 San Remy olive trees as well. Kassirer, differing from Van Gogh, emphasizes sunbeams and heat, penetrating Galilee's soil and emanating from it, the sun as the vital source that generates Israel's olives."
~ Shoshi Norman, Curator, 2008

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